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Marbles, that old schoolyard favorite from beyond the mists of time. No longer will small huddles of children have to gather in the corners of the playground in the rain, as this old favorite has been given a 21st century overhaul. Thanks to the power of 3D graphics, and advanced physics capabilities, you can now flick small glass spheres against each other, in the comfort of your own home, without the risk of glass splinters in the eye. Using only the mouse (or keyboard for the technically advanced), try and pot your marbles into the central target, either to score enough to have your name in lights, or to achieve a higher score than your opponents. Try sneaky tricks like potting opponent balls to steal their hard earned points, or pot multiple marbles in quick succession for a really high score. The choice is yours. Features: *Extremely easy gameplay, *Single player game, try and achieve the highest score within a time limit, or limited number of marbles. *Multiplayer against up to 3 other friends, or computer opponents, *Multiple play arenas.

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